Picking Your…

….Wedding Date; not your nose you sicko! ¬†ūüôā ¬†After you get engaged, this is one of the next important decisions you’ll make. ¬†Picking a date is even something you need to do if you are planning on eloping!

There are so many factors that go into picking a wedding date that the task can be quite daunting. ¬†I’m going to list a few considerations to help you try to think of everything that might interfere with your loved ones and friends attending. ¬†As always, keep in mind that this day is about celebrating your love for each other…NOT about making everyone else happy. ¬†Got it?! ¬†Ok…moving on.

Even if you’re trying to plan for the majority of the people you love and cherish to be there the day you get married remember that it is impossible for each person to make it. ¬†Prioritize those that you must have at your wedding and reach out to them for their schedules too. ¬†Also, don’t expect everyone to drop or reschedule things they might already have booked, paid for or committed themselves to. ¬†Many don’t have the flexibility in our work and/or family schedules to re-schedule or drop everything if we’ve already planned it out.

Finally, be flexible and above all understanding.  These are the people you care about the most in the world, right?!  Then make sure you treat them with love and respect as they may face difficult decisions about where to commit themselves to.

Here’s a list of date considerations to think about and check on while trying to pick your perfect day:

  • Your calendar – Try to pick a day that works best for your work schedule or school schedule. ¬†This may seem obvious but it’s often overlooked. ¬†If your busiest time as a tax accountant is around the first 3-4 months of each year you might want to plan your wedding day for later in the year.
  • His calendar – Again, this should be obvious but try to think about his priorities, commitments, etc too.
  • Weather – Be sure to pick a day for the weather you want. ¬†If you want snow, …do I have to elaborate?
  • Travel – Be sure you know what weather conditions you and your guests might encounter during the time of year you’re looking at.
  • Work & Vacation Schedules – Check with others you wish to invite for their availability if they are a priority guest for you
  • Holidays – I really like to plan events around holidays because a lot of people have holidays from work and have to take less vacation days, but you may also run into those holidays already being booked or committed. ¬†Again, just check with your priority guests.
  • Miscellaneous Family Events – Is someone going to give birth around the time you want to have your wedding? ¬†Do you have any graduations coming up in your family? ¬†Try not to stretch your families who need to travel too thin. ¬†They’ll feel like they have to pick between events and that isn’t comfortable for anyone. ¬†Its like a huge wedgie right in the middle of your family. ¬†(you’re welcome for the visual)
  • School schedules – If you have or have guests who have kids in school you can easily look up school schedules online. ¬†I don’t recommend doing this for each family you invite but definitely for the priority families with school-aged children.
  • Other Wedding Events – Also think about what you both want to do for your bridal shower, bachelorette and bachelor parties. ¬†If you want nice weather try to plan for that time of year where you’ll get married.

Above all else be sure to give yourself enough time to plan the wedding you want.  If you want an elaborate and detailed wedding you will need time to plan, organize and hire vendors to help you with that.  If you want a small backyard wedding that is beautifully simple you likely could get away with far less prep time.

Good luck to you and happy planning!



  • I can’t wait to go to bed tonight. ¬†So. ¬†Tired.
  • We have found a new station on Spotify that we love: ¬†Search “80s ¬†Lounge Essentials”. ¬†One of the artists we really love is Orleya. ¬†Its lounge-type 80s covers. ¬†Pretty awesome.
  • Did I mention that I have the hottest husband in the whole world? ūüôā
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A Snub or Not To All Things Wedding

I’m beyond excited to start my series on everything wedding. ¬†But first I think there are some important things you learn about me.

I never wanted a traditional wedding. ¬†The idea of standing in front of a crowd of 500 of our closest friends and family makes me break into a panic sweat just thinking about it. ¬†I don’t like to be the center of attention in a huge group of people.

I also plan things as a profession. ¬†I organize, make lists and plan things all day at my job and the last thing I want to do is add yet another “project” for me to manage, organize and plan. ¬†I’m good at it but adding another huge one in my personal life is less than appealing.

All of the dread I had leading up to Chris’ and my wedding day was so quickly diffused when the day turned out so incredible and more amazing than I could have ever dreamed of.

So, I write this for you girls who dread your wedding day; who dread 300-1000 eyes staring at you. ¬†I believe if you follow one basic rule you’ll have the time of your life. ¬†That rule is simply this: ¬†MAKE IT YOUR OWN. ¬†We are long past the days where you have to have the factory wedding that anyone, any thing or any magazine tells you to have. ¬†You have the choice to decide what it is included and excluded.

If you still chose to elope or march yourselves down to the courthouse you have my unconditional support.  I hope you will read this series before deciding for sure because you could be a resister of all things wedding up until the very end like me and find so much more bliss and fun than you could have ever wished for.

Thank you for joining me on this series while its fresh in my mind and I wish you all of the happiness for your wedding day regardless of what you chose to do or how you design it.



  • I’ve had a terrible canker sore for a week now. ¬†One of my medications makes me more susceptible to these. ¬†If you ever have these try a product called Glyoxide. ¬†It cleanses the area, makes it feel better and helps it heal so much faster.
  • I’m re-joining the paper planning world!! ¬†I just ordered my very first Erin Condren planner. ¬†Stay tuned for a post & review in the next few months.
  • I’m looking for interesting things to do with my wedding dress. ¬†I hope to wrap that into this series as well. ¬†Comment below with any suggestions!
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Back in the Groove

Hola! ¬†Let’s start with an easy question such as “Where have I been?” ¬†The answer is EVERYWHERE!!

Chris and I have survived some of life’s most challenging and stressful events over the last few months. ¬†We moved into the new house one at a time. ¬†I started a new full-time job. ¬†Our boy doggie, Denali, had ACL repair surgery on his knee and has been recovering. ¬†We finalized our wedding plans and got hitched at the most amazing and love-filled ceremony ever. ¬†We just returned from our honeymoon to Cancun late Monday night. ¬†We’ve been blessed with so many exciting things in a short amount of time and now we’re trying to process it all.

If you’re still reading, I thank you for your loyal following.

Over the next few weeks we’ll find our new rhythm here at our house and I hope to get back on a constant posting and filming schedule. One thing I learned for absolute certain is that it is OKAY not to do everything all of the time. ¬†I set goals for blogging that I was truly unable to fulfill during the last few months. ¬†And you know what?! ¬†It’s OKAY. ¬†I give myself the permission to not dwell on over dreaming. ¬†Be sure to give yourself a break as often as you give others theirs.

Stay tuned!!



  • Chris and I are working through “House of Cards” on Netflix.
  • Denali went upstairs for the first time in 7 weeks today. ¬†It was a special field trip for him. You could almost see him smiling.
  • I have married the most amazing man. ¬†I can’t stop looking at him thinking it’s a dream. ¬†<3
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Voices of Faith Devotional Bible



Today’s post comes right from my hotel room in Sin City. ¬†As ironic as it is, I’m going to tell you today about the devotional bible I’ve been using since the beginning of the year.




I’ve never been consistent with any daily devotions but I have always believed in the power of a spiritual balance to each day. ¬†So, for the first time ever I am trying to have almost daily devotions for my faith.



I purchased this Voices of Faith Devotional Bible from my local Hastings at the beginning of the year with Christmas money I received. ¬†I picked it out of all the others because it adds commentary from historical figures as well as current figures in Christianity. ¬†It also guides you through a section of scripture which happily starts with Genesis Chapter 1 and moves you through the entire bible in a year. ¬†I was very excited to find this would take me from beginning to end of the bible throughout the course of my study. ¬†Also, this was a weekday daily devotional with a weekend devotion. ¬†Although I don’t think it’s a bad thing to devote time every single day it is nice to be able to take a break on one day during the weekend. ¬†I usually end up doing my weekend devotional on Saturday since I get spiritual enrichment on Sunday too.


I haven’t missed a day until this last week when I was battling influenza. ¬†It’s been a long time since I’ve been that sick and it took me the entire week to recover. ¬†I decided to table the entire week of devotion after losing the first three days. ¬†I am thirsty to pick it back up tomorrow and get back into my study.

Have a great week!



  • I am in Vegas for work this week. ¬†I’m enjoying the very nice client and the warm weather but missing my sweetheart and puppies more than I can express.
  • I am in constant awe of the fountains at the Belagio hotel here.
  • Less than 2 months until I get married to the best man I’ve ever known!!!
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We’re Going to the Chapel…

Site of our proposal

Site of our proposal

On Saturday October 11th, 2014 the love of my life proposed to me in a remote location in the mountains west of Laramie, WY.

It was initially intended to be a birthday trip for him to see some friends he hand’t seen in quite a while and visit his college town. ¬†It turned into a celebration for both of us and I couldn’t be happier.

We’ve shared the engagement story with our immediate family and very close friends. ¬†He did such a great job surprising me and making sure that I had no intuition about the proposal whatsoever.

There are no concrete details yet with the exception of the fact that we are crazy in love and both feel incredibly lucky to have finally found someone who makes us the absolute best version of ourselves.

Thank you to all of our friends and family for all of the well wishes and congratulations.  We are truly blessed with love.



  • I thought I’d try a fun idea that I learned from Emilynoel83 on www.youtube.com and thru her blog at¬†http://www.beautybroadcast.net¬†and add little random snippets from my day at the end of my blog posts.
  • I’m still working my way through that amazing Hawaiian pineapple. ¬†It is so tasty!
  • It is 2:48 am as I write this. ¬†I am exhausted but sleep is avoiding me tonight.
  • I think my boy dog, Denali has sleep apnea. ¬†Can dogs have that???
  • We asked the puppies if they wanted to be a family after Chris proposed. ¬†They were beyond cute with their excited response. ¬†Guess he passed the puppy test. ūüėČ
  • I hope I’ve emptied my brain enough to sleep now. ¬†G’night all. ¬†ūüôā
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