O Christmas Tree


Through the moves over the years, the apartment living and being single neither Chris or I had a very nice Christmas tree option.  Since we moved into the new house at the beginning of December we thought it would be nice to buy a new tree for the new house and start our own holiday traditions.  To that end, one cold dark Black Friday morning my sister and I headed to Home Depot to purchase new trees.  Our mom had seen the special on this Martha Stewart Living Tree and that it would be more than $100 off!  Since every little bit helps when you’re moving into a new home we agreed this would be the perfect tree for our new place.  My sister needed a new tree too and ended up getting the same one!  I love that.

There were several attractive features about the tree right away.  First, it comes in 3 sections.  No color-coded branches to align; no cords to plug in.  You literally stack the parts together in order, fluff the branches and plug it in.  Nice, right?!

The second cool and completely unnecessary feature was that the lights are remote controlled.  I have a few tree sensors that can time the lights to come on or help turn them on quickly but we get quite a kick out of having a remote controlled tree.

Thirdly, the lights are LED and come in white or multi-colored.  The tree itself has 3 settings:  alternating white & multicolored with flashing, all white or all multi-colored.  We have tried all three options.  I’m beginning to prefer the white lights during the day and the multicolored at night.  As you can see from the pictures the multicolored lights add so much saturated color to the room at night.  There’s even a Northern Lights affect on the ceiling!


I slowed my shutter speed on my camera, turned the tree on the white & multicolored flashing setting and captured what the tree would look like if you could turn both the white and multicolored on at the same time.



At the end of the day we are in love with the new tree.  We can’t wait to have our families over on Christmas to enjoy it with us.

I thought it would be fun to include a few of our favorite Christmas tree ornaments in this post as well.  We have more, of course, but these are just a few that we love.







We took a vacation to Maui in October 2013.  Last Christmas we bought this ornament to remember that trip.


Chris and I love going to concerts and were able to attend several in 2013.  He also plays the drums so we thought this would be fitting to remember both of those fun life events.


When Chris returned to our hometown his mom purchased this ornament for him and his little apartment tree.


When we first started dating he fell in love with my Keurig.  (You thought I was going to stay me, didn’t you?!?) 😉  One of our favorite things to do is have morning coffee and start the day together.  Since we were long distance I bought him a Keurig machine for his apartment and at the end of the year we both ended up buying this same ornament for each other.  Yes, we have two of them.  His and Hers Keurigs.   I think its adorable.


This is one of Chris’ favorite ornaments and reminds him of some times he’s spent in Vegas.


My wonderful friend Judy gave me this White House Historical Society ornament one year for Christmas.  It is such an intricate piece.  I love the history it represents.  I would like to start collecting these and have a tree full of them each year.  The create a new ornament every year and only so many are made.  Now that I think about it…maybe I shouldn’t advertise this and encourage other’s to buy a limited amount of what I want too!  Haha.



  • I can clearly see the Rocky Mountains from my office window today.  I LOVE THIS VIEW!
  • I am going shopping with my mom tonight for one last Christmas present and then I’ll be ready!  🙂
  • Christmas cards are starting to roll in. I love seeing friends and family’s special moments throughout the year!


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Fresh Hawaiian Pineapple

Fresh Hawaiian Pineapple

Fresh Hawaiian Pineapple

My parents recently returned from a Hawaiian vacation to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary.  True to form, my mom brought back something spectacular for all of us.

One of our favorite things from the Islands is their Maui Gold Pineapple.  If you’ve never tasted this brand of pineapple you’re truly missing out.  Consider Dole pineapples to be the generic version of Maui Gold.  They still taste alright but they’re just not the same as the real deal.

Incorporating fruits and veggies into your diet while you have RA is essential.  Many of us take medication to control our symptoms and disease.  You’re medication will only help you as much as you help yourself and your body.

Truthfully, it’s not a fight to get this pineapple into my diet when its available because it is so good!  I do find myself eating too much at one sitting sometimes which can cause my mouth to begin to feel an acidic burn.  To that I end up using my trusty Glyoxide to combat any mouth issues (blog & video to come soon).

Remember to treat yourself but do it with things that are kind to your body; such as pineapple from the beautiful island of Maui.



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