Music is to the Soul as Food is to the Body

Music has always been a feature in my life since I was a little kid.  My dad loves music and I truly believe it speaks directly to his soul when he finds the right song at the right moment.  I was in band, choir and was fortunate enough to have piano lessons as a kid.  Even today  I find myself searching for the music on my radio, iPhone or record player that suits my current mood.

Isn’t it funny how music can so accurately reflect our current feelings?  To that end I enjoy music as a source of therapy and cherish the connection it gives me to myself and how I’m truly feeling.  It is so important to allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling and not try to squash it down or ignore it.  Therapeutically speaking music helps me work through my emotions.  If I don’t deal with them now they will surely present themselves at the worst possible time.

For my July birthday my boyfriend gave me a Crosley record player that I had eyed on a trip through Minnesota.  We stopped at the Mall of America and as I entered the Urban Outfitters (UO) store my eyes quickly found these darling record players.  They are built like little suitcases with a latch front and removable top.  The handle is functional but to avoid shifting the balance of the table inside I admire it solely as a decorative feature.


Urban Outfitters Crosley Record Player











Months prior to that my boyfriend inherited a vinyl record player piece of furniture from his parents.  We started shopping for records and we both fell in love with the music format and sound.

Here is the link for the UO online store that shows all of the various styles they have:






The case is so simple in design but really packs a punch for sound quality.  The speakers are on both sides of the bottom part of the box.  I can turn it up almost to full volume and hear music throughout my entire house.  This makes it extremely convenient for helping me clean the house.

I’m still building my record collection.  My boyfriend and I have made a point to search record stores when we go on trips to bring something fun back as a souvenir.  Since I don’t have many records yet I opted to create my own little record storage crate.  I purchased a crate from Joann’s Fabric Store for around $14 and a very tiny can of wood stain for around $5.  I chose a dark stain for the crate because, well…that’s what I like.  I think it came out very cute and it looks great with my record player on display.

Urban Outfitters Crosley Record Player

Record Crate

Some might say records are a pain to listen to because you have to get up and switch them to the other side after just a few songs.  I appreciate the chance to move and change the record to the other side or another album frequently.  I work from home and in the past I have found myself sitting and working until I’m dancing in my chair.  I’m not dancing because I feel like it, but rather because I didn’t even realize I needed to use the restroom.  Listening to the record player reminds me to get up from my desk, stretch and move around.  What might be annoying for some is a relief to my body that is in need of frequent movement and stretching.

What’s missing from your life as a reminder to slow down and give your body, mind and soul what it needs?  I’m so thankful for this little machine because it’s brought so many reminders for me to take the time I need and to slow down and enjoy what is truly great about this life.



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