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Fresh Hawaiian Pineapple

Fresh Hawaiian Pineapple
Fresh Hawaiian Pineapple

My parents recently returned from a Hawaiian vacation to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary.  True to form, my mom brought back something spectacular for all of us.

One of our favorite things from the Islands is their Maui Gold Pineapple.  If you’ve never tasted this brand of pineapple you’re truly missing out.  Consider Dole pineapples to be the generic version of Maui Gold.  They still taste alright but they’re just not the same as the real deal.

Incorporating fruits and veggies into your diet while you have RA is essential.  Many of us take medication to control our symptoms and disease.  You’re medication will only help you as much as you help yourself and your body.

Truthfully, it’s not a fight to get this pineapple into my diet when its available because it is so good!  I do find myself eating too much at one sitting sometimes which can cause my mouth to begin to feel an acidic burn.  To that I end up using my trusty Glyoxide to combat any mouth issues (blog & video to come soon).

Remember to treat yourself but do it with things that are kind to your body; such as pineapple from the beautiful island of Maui.



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  1. Had the opportunity to experience a little Maui Gold Pineapple at the source a couple of weeks back and it is delightful. I applaud your courage starting this blog and look foward to sharing your journey – take care my friend.

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