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Poshmark or Smoshmark? A review.

The Backstory

My rheumatologist has been telling me for years that I need to wear better footwear than the Payless flats that I love so much.   With that, my current shopping wish is a pair of Birkenstock Gizeh Birko-Flor sandals for the summer that, ironically, is almost over.   With a goal in mind and recently acquired birthday money in hand I set out to find the best price on these summer sandals to treat myself.  You see, recently we participated in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University classes.  Since then I’ve been looking at ways to decrease my spending and make smarter buying choices.

Of course there are local discount retailers locally and online options such as eBay but I was looking for something a bit different.  I had heard the name Poshmark before but I haven’t ever checked them out…until now.  I know it’s been around for a while but what can I say?  I’m late to the party.  Poshmark is an online retailer that allows you to buy and sell your fashion items.

Of course, as with most sites now, I had to sign-up to join their website.  You can create an account with email, Google or Facebook.  Although it’s undoubtable easier I prefer to use my email that way I control the direction of the information instead of granting access to my other accounts to another website.  Rant over.

I used their search box and menu to find exactly what I was looking for, however you can also search by category, designer or navigate one of their showrooms.  Some items are brand new and some are gently used.  I read reviews, shopped for “new” since these sandals mold to the owner’s feet form and looked through other styles and colors until I found the perfect sandals for me.  It was love at first search.  😉

I used a gift card for my purchase and once confirmed I immediately received an email from Poshmark confirming my order with a description and order number.  Then my inbox beeped again with the familiar “You’ve got mail” chime I’ve assigned to my email.  The second email from Poshmark included a greeting, welcome and quick run-down of how Poshmark works, what I could expect, etc.  I found this second email extremely helpful and a great idea for customer service to new members.  If I hadn’t received that I wouldn’t know how the payment terms, etc. are designed.

Business Model

One thing that impressed me the most was that the seller doesn’t get paid until they send the purchase.  Here is their sales pathway:

The buyer places the order & makes the payment to Poshmark –>

Poshmark sends the seller a shipping label –>

The seller ships the item to the buyer –>

The buyer receives the item, confirms condition and receipt of the

purchase through their online account –>

Poshmark pays the seller

I’m in love with this business model.  There is no risk for anyone in this situation.  The buyer has transferred their payment to a secure account.  The seller knows the money is secured and doesn’t have to pay and arrange shipping.  Poshmark just holds the money until both parties agree that the transaction is completed.  Unlike eBay where you pay the seller up front and rely on their approval ratings and reviews to trust that they’ll send you the goods you just purchased the Poshmark model takes the risk out of the picture.

A seller has 7 days to respond to Poshmark’s shipping label email or the buyer can cancel the order.  Unfortunately, this was the issue on my order.  I utilized my Poshmark account to send a reminder to the seller that I was still waiting for the sandals.  A few days later Poshmark sent me an email letting me know I had the right to cancel since the seller wasn’t responding.  I did cancel the order and within seconds Poshmark emailed me to let me know the credit was applied back to my card and some general timeframes it takes to get the money back on the card.

Additional Thoughts

I mean….what an awesome way to buy used!  Sure I’m disappointed that the purchase of my summer sandals has been delayed but do you know the first place I’m going to look for a deal?  POSHMARK!  I am incredibly impressed with this company, their business model along with the terms and responsibilities they hold buyers and sellers to.  We’re all adults here, people.  If you want to sell your junk you have to respond.  No games, no delays…just send it.  How awesome to have an infrastructure that removes the anxiety of purchasing from someone you don’t know.

I thought I’d share my new favorite site with you!  Have a great week!



  • I’m so thankful for the mild summer we’ve had so far.  It’s been so beautiful.
  • If you follow me on Instagram (simplychristi) you’ll know I received the most beautiful flowers from my longtime friend.  Love those kinds of surprises!
  • We’re having a family pizza & game night tonight.  I can’t wait!


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