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Picking Your…

….Wedding Date; not your nose you sicko! ¬†ūüôā ¬†After you get engaged, this is one of the next important decisions you’ll make. ¬†Picking a date is even something you need to do if you are planning on eloping!

There are so many factors that go into picking a wedding date that the task can be quite daunting. ¬†I’m going to list a few considerations to help you try to think of everything that might interfere with your loved ones and friends attending. ¬†As always, keep in mind that this day is about celebrating your love for each other…NOT about making everyone else happy. ¬†Got it?! ¬†Ok…moving on.

Even if you’re trying to plan for the majority of the people you love and cherish to be there the day you get married remember that it is impossible for each person to make it. ¬†Prioritize those that you must have at your wedding and reach out to them for their schedules too. ¬†Also, don’t expect everyone to drop or reschedule things they might already have booked, paid for or committed themselves to. ¬†Many don’t have the flexibility in our work and/or family schedules to re-schedule or drop everything if we’ve already planned it out.

Finally, be flexible and above all understanding.  These are the people you care about the most in the world, right?!  Then make sure you treat them with love and respect as they may face difficult decisions about where to commit themselves to.

Here’s a list of date considerations to think about and check on while trying to pick your perfect day:

  • Your calendar – Try to pick a day that works best for your work schedule or school schedule. ¬†This may seem obvious but it’s often overlooked. ¬†If your busiest time as a tax accountant is around the first 3-4 months of each year you might want to plan your wedding day for later in the year.
  • His calendar – Again, this should be obvious but try to think about his priorities, commitments, etc too.
  • Weather – Be sure to pick a day for the weather you want. ¬†If you want snow, …do I have to elaborate?
  • Travel – Be sure you know what weather conditions you and your guests might encounter during the time of year you’re looking at.
  • Work & Vacation Schedules – Check with others you wish to invite for their availability if they are a priority guest for you
  • Holidays – I really like to plan events around holidays because a lot of people have holidays from work and have to take less vacation days, but you may also run into those holidays already being booked or committed. ¬†Again, just check with your priority guests.
  • Miscellaneous Family Events – Is someone going to give birth around the time you want to have your wedding? ¬†Do you have any graduations coming up in your family? ¬†Try not to stretch your families who need to travel too thin. ¬†They’ll feel like they have to pick between events and that isn’t comfortable for anyone. ¬†Its like a huge wedgie right in the middle of your family. ¬†(you’re welcome for the visual)
  • School schedules – If you have or have guests who have kids in school you can easily look up school schedules online. ¬†I don’t recommend doing this for each family you invite but definitely for the priority families with school-aged children.
  • Other Wedding Events – Also think about what you both want to do for your bridal shower, bachelorette and bachelor parties. ¬†If you want nice weather try to plan for that time of year where you’ll get married.

Above all else be sure to give yourself enough time to plan the wedding you want.  If you want an elaborate and detailed wedding you will need time to plan, organize and hire vendors to help you with that.  If you want a small backyard wedding that is beautifully simple you likely could get away with far less prep time.

Good luck to you and happy planning!



  • I can’t wait to go to bed tonight. ¬†So. ¬†Tired.
  • We have found a new station on Spotify that we love: ¬†Search “80s ¬†Lounge Essentials”. ¬†One of the artists we really love is Orleya. ¬†Its lounge-type 80s covers. ¬†Pretty awesome.
  • Did I mention that I have the hottest husband in the whole world? ūüôā

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